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Now With A FREE Database!
The 3D Librarian Database is now available through OrcaTools - or go directly to the 3D_librarian website

New Products!

A new DAZ script that retreives the products of the bundles you have purchased - and fills in the holes of your product database!

A revised FileSearch script that makes it even easier to find all of your misplaced 3D files.

Welcome to OrcaTools
The better way to chart your history!

OrcaTools currently has scripts for downloading your 3D product histories from 5 vendors.

They make creating and updating your history records easy, fast and error free.

The output can be imported into a database or some other application to make your purchase records easy to view, can help find lost install files and discover missing ones.

Many users have found that a quick check of their history helps them avoid duplicate purchases.

Please feel free to look around, and check out the comments on the forum. You may browse as a visitor, but must register in order to purchase a script. Registration is free, easy and can add you to our mailing list for notices of new products, updates or fixes.

For more information on the scripts, read the manual online or download it.

Please note that PayPal is the only method of payment accepted.

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